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Tony Berg AM

Director – Gresham Partners

Chairman, Investment Committee - Gresham Property

Former CEO – Macquarie Bank

Former CEO – Boral


Anthony Sive brings a pragmatic approach to strategy that allows him to provide innovative and valuable advice at the highest levels of business.  Anthony was part of my senior management team at Boral where he was charged with addressing some of the biggest challenges facing the company at a time of major change.


In taking strategic leadership of the transformation of the Greystanes Estate quarry in western Sydney, Anthony created significant value for the company and the local community.  He did so in a way which challenged traditional land use thinking and the cultural status quo of a quarrying and building products company.  His 'highest and best use' property methodology facilitated an end-of-use strategy for this and other major assets that would have been difficult without his practical, holistic and business outcome focus.


Anthony also managed strategy around Boral's Deer Park quarry in Melbourne.  His capacity for working effectively with state and local government on complicated approvals and his work to ensure opponents in the community became supporters was critical to the success of this project.  Anthony's risk-management strategy was instrumental in securing board approval for the environmentally responsible storage of putrescible waste at the site.


At the time of Anthony's work with Boral, the company was going through major change.  His capacity for dealing with uncertainty, bringing experience, a practical approach and a holistic understanding of strategy makes me happy to recommend Canrock Advisory and Anthony for pragmatic strategic advice.

Ron Ferster

Executive Chairman - Sanwa Holdings Pty Ltd


Anthony Sive and Canrock Advisory's advice changed what we perceived to be a property management project into an opportunity to create value for our Halifax Vogel (HVG) business.


With the growth of our SmartStone product, HVG required additional storage space – a challenge which could have been met by many players in the industrial property industry.  In ensuring we addressed this challenge as a whole-of-business strategy issue, Anthony was able to advise us on a holistic approach which saw us maintain the business at its existing location while building a new warehouse over the top.  This saved us significant relocation and business interruption costs while producing a facility built exactly to our needs.


Anthony's strategy-first approach took account of the needs of our growing business, the life-stage and risk profiles of our assets and the need to protect margins.  He helped us see this challenge as far more than the simple project it appeared and he created value because of it.


Better still, Anthony didn't just advise us on our property strategy.  He did it for us.  He had our new corporate facility planned, council approved, tendered and on the path to completion.  I could rely on Anthony's project management skills to get the job done – he didn't need to call on my time to make it happen.


I expect there are few other property strategists in the market who could have managed this challenge with the speed, agility, practicality, independence and outcome focus of Anthony and Canrock Advisory.

Peter Smaller

Managing Director – Southern Steel Group Pty Ltd


When Southern Steel made the decision to move into the plate processing business, the risks were high and the need to move quickly was paramount so as to head-off our competitors.  Anthony took us from concept to implementation in just three months.  In the world of steel processing, three months is incredibly fast.


All aspects of the complex and highly technical procurement process ran smoothly.  Anthony secured property, helped specify equipment, air-freighted the crane components and managed factory layout and installation.  His innovative and tailored approach saw him source surplus equipment originally bound for the USA and more from a trade show that allowed us to circumvent the normal lengthy procurement processes. When one German-supplied piece of equipment didn't work, he flew to Frankfurt to sort it out.


I would happily recommend Anthony for his ability to develop and implement the business plan for a new division.

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