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Dr Anthony Sive


BSc Mech Eng, MCom Advanced Finance, PhD Engineering, MIEAust, GAICD


Anthony Sive is the founder of Canrock Advisory.  He has more than 30 years of experience in strategic planning and operational management.  With a strong combination of transformational and transactional skills, Anthony has achieved considerable success in improving company performance and value. These companies include Australia’s largest privately owned steel distributor, ASX100 industrials, an entrepreneurial publisher and a privately owned mining equipment manufacturer.  Anthony has a passion for understanding the forces that shape industry competition and for the pragmatic execution of consequent strategies that have resulted in a step-change in company performance.


Anthony holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of the Witwatersrand, a Master of Commerce in Advanced Finance from the University of New South Wales and a doctorate in multi-phase fluid dynamics from the University of Cape Town.  He is a Chartered Professional Engineer, a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, a member of the Australian Institute of Energy and was the inaugural recipient of the Helmut Saurmann Medal from the Hydraulic Conveying Association of South Africa for outstanding contribution to the advancement of knowledge.

Lesa-Belle Furhagen

Executive Director

Bachelor of Divinity, Master of Arts (Art History & Theory)

Lesa-Belle is in the final stages of an art history PhD at the University of Sydney and is a member of the Board of the Power Institute.

Prior to this she worked in the media industry in Australia. She co-founded Front Publishers, which secured the license to publish Rolling Stone in Australia in 1987. Lesa-Belle also went on to hold the position of Managing Director of Terraplane Press and Terraplanet Limited from 1990-2000, which was responsible for a range of publications that included HQ and Monument. She was instrumental in listing the company that included the preparation of the prospectus. She also held a position on a youth arts committee, convened by the Australia Council.

In 2001, the Magazine Publishers of Australia awarded HQ the title of Magazine of the Year.

Before that she held senior positions in the Australian theatre and film industries that included an administrative position for the Australian National Playwrights Conference (1983), administrative associate at the Theatre Workshop at Sydney University (1984), where she also co-produced several independent productions. In the same year she assumed the role of administrator at The Performance Space. In 1985 she worked as publicist and sponsorship co-ordinator for the Belvoir St Theatre and in 1986 she was a project officer for Film Australia and was instrumental in the revitalisation of the national film unit.


Canrock will work with industry experts who are called on an as-needs basis to build the right team to address the needs of any project. 


Together they bring deep expertise to each client from a mix of direct industry experience and a wide range of consulting engagements.

For more information on Canrock Advisory's services, please download an information flyer

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