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We challenge the status quo and bring insights to

management that helps improve their business

Strategy consulting in Sydney


With deep functional and industry expertise, Canrock Advisory helps companies achieve tangible, high impact results that will substantially improve profitability. 
Canrock brings businesses experience, maturity, a bespoke approach and small, flexible teams to assist companies facing major decisions.


Canrock provides:


  • Information: Data and analysis that makes sense of your industry.

  • Expertise: An experienced operator’s perspective on solving problems.

  • Insight: The analytical application of expertise to data to help you succeed.

  • Execution: The road-map to choosing and implementing change.

Dr Anthony Sive, the principal of Canrock Advisory, has over 30 years of commercial experience in strategic planning and operational management. His combination of transformational and transactional skills and experience has helped companies achieve considerable success in improving company performance and value. 


Canrock's clients include, amongst others, Australia's largest privately owned steel distributor, ASX100 industrials, an import distributor, a global leader in animal health delivery systems and a privately-owned engineering, mining and infrastructure company.


Canrock's advice extends to generational transition which is a critical time for every family. The difficulties are primarily due to internal factors, particularly a lack of trust and communication between family members and insufficient preparation of heirs.


Canrock’s analysis and recommendations produce more than just short term results. We help clients visualise the future commercial and financial implications of their decisions and our pragmatic approach creates tangible value.

For more information on Canrock Advisory's services, please download an information flyer

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